OET Speaking Sample Test for Doctors Role Play Cards

The OET Speaking Test for Doctors/Medicine is designed to assess the ability of medical professionals to communicate effectively and accurately in English in a medical setting. During the test, the candidate is evaluated on their ability to obtain relevant medical information, provide advice and treatment, and communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals.

Doctors OET Speaking Practice Test Role Play Cards PDF

Setting: Suburban clinic

Doctor: A 30-year-old patient presents to you with red, swollen, and itchy eyes. You take the history of any use of ontact lenses or over-the-counter drugs. Your patient is an accountant and his work requires long hours of screen time


● Ask the patient what their main concern is regarding their health condition.
● Tell the patient that either it could be viral or due to excessive use of the desktop during work.
● Ask the patient to take frequent breaks from work and limit screen time.
● Reassure the patient that there will be no long-term damage to their eyesight and that wearing glasses may be helpful in preventing further harm.
● Explain to the patient that you will prescribe some eye drops and the use of protective glasses until the condition settle down