OET Speaking Sample Test for Physiotherapy Role Play Cards

The OET Speaking Test for Physiotherapists is an assessment of the English language proficiency of physiotherapists who are seeking to work in English-speaking countries. The test assesses the ability of physiotherapists to communicate effectively in English in a range of physiotherapy settings, including hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers.

Physiotherapy OET Speaking Practice Test Role Play Cards PDF

Setting: Physiotherapy clinic

Physiotherapist: A 40-year-old patient presents to the physiotherapy clinic with chronic lower back pain. The patient is an accountant who has to sit for long hours and experiences difficulty in standing and walking after sitting for a long time. The patient reports pain that radiates to the legs, accompanied by numbness and tingling sensation.


● Assess the patient’s posture, range of motion, and muscle strength to determine the possible causes of the pain.
● Discuss with the patient the possible treatment options, such as therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, or electrotherapy.
● Provide exercises or stretches that can help relieve the pain and improve mobility.
● Educate the patient on proper posture, ergonomics, and body mechanics to prevent further pain or injury.
● Advise the patient on lifestyle modifications, such as regular physical activity and a balanced diet, that can help improve their overall health and prevent further pain or injury.
● Schedule follow-up appointments to monitor the patient’s progress and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.