OET Speaking Sample Test for Nurses Role Play Cards

The speaking sub-test consists of a one-on-one conversation with an interlocutor.  The test assesses the ability of nurses to communicate effectively in English in a range of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and community health centers.

Nurse OET Speaking Practice Test Role Play Cards PDF


Setting: Hospital ward

Nurse: A 50-year-old patient has been hospitalized for the past few days due to severe abdominal pain. The patient is frustrated and anxious as the tests have been inconclusive, and the pain has worsened. The patient is worried about the financial burden and missing work.


● Acknowledge the patient’s frustration and anxiety about the current situation.
● Explain the test results and that the medical team is working to find a diagnosis and treatment.
● Discuss with the patient any non-pharmacological methods of pain management and prescribe pain relief medication as necessary.
● Address the patient’s concerns about financial strain and work and offer resources or support as available.
● Provide advice on coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety related to hospitalization, such as mindfulness or talking to a counselor.
● Schedule follow-up appointments as necessary and encourage the patient to continue with the prescribed treatment plan.