OET Listening Practice Test for Nurses – Part B

OET Listening Practice Test – Part B

In this part of the test, you’ll hear six different extracts. In each extract, you’ll hear people talking in a different healthcare setting. For questions 25-30, choose the answer (A, B or C) which is best according to what you hear. You’ll have time to read each question before you listen. Complete your answers as you listen.



OET Listening Practice Test - Part B

1. You hear a nurse briefi ng her colleague about a patient.

What does she warn her colleague about?
2. You hear the manager of a care home for the elderly talking to the nursing staff
He says that errors in dispensing medication to patients usually result from
3. You hear part of a morning briefi ng on a hospital ward.
What is the plan for the patient today?
4. You hear part of an ante-natal consultation at a GP practice.
What does the patient want to know about?
5. You hear a trainee doctor telling his supervisor about a problem he had carrying out a procedure.
The trainee feels the cause of the problem was
6. You hear a doctor talking to a teenage boy who has a painful wrist.

The doctor wants to establish whether


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